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Samsung’s 4.7” Galaxy Alpha intros a more sophisticated design line housing upper midrange specs, and we are pitting it against Sony’s new compact flagship – the Xperia Z3 Compact, which has a thing or two to show in terms of top-shelf equipment, too.

25 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy Alpha vs Sony Xperia Z3 compact

  1. Samsung galaxy alpha has been toned down so it won’t best the s5 whereas
    the z3 compact is practically the same as the big z3 with smaller screen.
    Why would you pay so much more for the alpha which will never be as good as
    the s5 but costs a lot more? That’s why I’d get the z3c because it’s better
    value for money and has more handy features for everyday use.

  2. @Alex Papas
    The S6 will be using a Sony sensor…
    The problem with Sony xperias is their post processing it needs more
    tuning, the camera is hardly mediocre though.

  3. there is plastic and plastic. Sony has always used high grade plastic. But
    until Apple will decide that plastic is in again (Most Imacs and even
    Powerbooks were made of plastic) everybody will say that plastic is not

  4. Sony Xperia Z3 compact is the best phone… The green and red color looks
    fantastic.. Alpha fails… The touchwhiz UI is the worst…. Z3 compact

  5. Honestly, the Galaxy alpha has better screen even though it’s only 720p
    where the Z3 is 1080p. I got the Xperia Z2 about a month ago I kinda hope
    that I had gotten a amoled screen phone because even tho the lcd on the Z2
    has less input lag than amoled I don’t like the red tint that it has and
    the oversaturated color which you can tone down on the Samsung.

  6. Why you guys always pick up Z3 compact in black lol ? The white one looks
    much better to me. Anyways, I like Z3 compact

  7. I held both in my hands and was surprised how much I liked the Samsung over
    the Sony hardware wise. Although it might have some flaws it just feels
    great when you hold it, just like a classy phone should. The plastic frame
    totally ruined the Sony for me. Unfortunately I don’t like Samsungs UI and
    it looks like it doesn’t get better with Android L. 

  8. Honestly, z3 compact’s camera is better than alpha ‘s camera under the less
    sunlight. But user New touchwiz is better than z3 compact user interface’s.

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